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                                             Customer Protection Guarantee

Congratulations your window problems are over.  We hope you enjoy many
years of greater comfort, convenience, and energy savings with your new
windows from Select Windows & Doors.
Select Windows & Doors warrants to you, the original purchaser of Select
Windows & Doors products that under normal use our products will be free
from defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own or reside in
the home in which Select Windows & Doors products were installed.  This
 warranty is transferable to the next homeowner (please contact Select
Windows & Doors if and when this takes place).  The details of the warranty
are as follows: 
    1. Materials will be warranted against cracking, warping, peeling, flaking,
blistering or corroding.
2. The moving parts such as balancers, rollers, and locking mechanisms are warranted.
    3. The hermetically sealed insulated glass units are warranted against
manufacturing defects allowing film formation,
      dust collections or moisture collection in between the interior glass
4. The labor is warranted for repair or replacement of window parts,
components, and installation defects.

Exclusions:  Condensation:  no window can prevent condensation if the
humidity level in your home is too high. Condensation is not the result of a defective or faulty installation.

Damage or problems resulting from fire, wind, hail, flood, lightening, or
any other acts of God or casualty loss, intentional acts, accidents, negligence, or exposure to chemicals or pollutants.

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